The restaurant

The restaurant

Our Secrets

In a unique architecture to enjoy a magical location with privacy and the best Mediterranean gastronomy in alcoves or caves of Madrid center.

A magical space

Our restaurant is located in the oldest winery in Madrid centre. After an extraordinary work of rehabilitation, it became a place to spend an unforgettable time. The alcoves to age the wine have created a set of caves with a unique sense of privacy.

The first gallery was built at the beginning of the 17th century, allowing to achieve the ideal temperature conditions to age the wine. Later on, the Monks of San Felipe Neri order, extended the Winery and they created galleries, in cloisters layout, filled with caves, cupolas, arches and ornate pendentives.

This labyrinth of galleries and alcoves has been hidden for more than 400 years, now becomes a perfect setting to enjoy an unforgettable meal and time.


Some secrets

With more than 400 years of history, our location is a small architectural jewel in Madrid that was about to be lost. For months we have made a careful restoration where the most important thing was to preserve the original location. More than 8 km of oven-baked brick joints have been treated, consolidated and sealed, respecting even the mark left by the original staircase of the winery.

In 17th century, the winery was at the border of Madrid. At that time, to sell products in the city, you had to pay at the entrance a tax called "SISA".

In the winery restoration, we found 3 clandestine passageways, 2 of them communicating with the outskirts of Madrid and they were used to introduce goods in town avoiding the payment of taxes.

When clearing one of the passageways, bayonets appeared from Napoleon war the time and weapons from Spanish Civil war, which suggests these passageways were used to escape the troops in war times.

Other secrets you can find in the winery are:

  • Traces of doors with bars a ...
  • Masonic symbols...
  • Miguel de Cervantes writer...

We invite you to come and discover these secrets and help us to learn more about them.

You can find more information here.

bodega de los secretos

The charm of the Alcoves

Different from any restaurant

When the winery was built in the 17th century, galleries were created with a kind of “Alcoves” on each side. Special places of peace where the wine aged.

Now these alcoves contain our tables. Each alcove has a particular decor, different lamps, tablecloths, mirrors.... This makes our winery a place with unique charm and different from any other restaurant.

Our guests can enjoy the peace of 17th century within an incomparable place for a special time. Such is the "fame" of these alcoves that our clients have created a number of words to refer to them: caves, arches, niches, small cells, alcoves, booths ...

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